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Pass It On[edit]

This is a wiki for sharing details of which UK organisations will take unwanted items.

Don't bin it - pass it on![edit]

Sometimes things are no longer useful to us, but might be useful to someone else. Use this wiki to find details of organisations or individuals who can use the things you no longer need. And if you find a new way to pass things on, please share it with this wiki so we can share it with others!

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Items you can pass on[edit]

Things you can't (yet) pass on[edit]

Can you help with any of the items on this list? Do you know of any person or organisation which would take any of them? Please tell us!

Specific, genuine, recent[edit]

There's a lot of received wisdom and misinformation about which organisations take what. The reality is that it's harder to give things away than most people think. This wiki was created to make it as easy as possible, which is why we're looking for specific examples of organisations that have actually taken the item in question in the recent past. Ideally people will share tips from their own direct experience of successfully giving things away, but we'll accept info based on the experience of other people in your life too.

Other tips[edit]

  • The Recycle Now website is a useful resource for finding out what's recyclable (and what isn't) and for locating your nearest recycling points.
  • If you're unsure about an item and suspect it's no longer of any use to anyone, please don't dump it on a charity shop. In the UK, charities spend thousands every year on disposing of unsaleable items. That money would be better spent on the charities' actual work. If it's only fit for the bin, put it in your own bin!

Get in touch[edit]

You can contact the person running this wiki on [email protected]